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Fun & Games

Play the SpeedRunner Game

Celebrate Chasing Hope with a little speed running of your own!

Use your mouse to move your runner through the obstacles to finish the course, just watch out for the unexpected bombs and detours along the way:)



Take the Another Dawn Vaccine Quiz

Play the Bookworm Game

Our bookworm is hungry and only you can feed him.
Use your mouse to connect the letter tiles to spell words, just make sure they’re good enough to eat!



Leaving Yesterday Cover Art Puzzle

Solve the Leaving Yesterday Cover Art Puzzle

The pieces of our lives can be really puzzling sometimes, but this is a puzzle you can easily solve.

Use your mouse to move the pieces around until you complete the cover image. (The game will take several seconds to load)



Play the Leaving Yesterday Crossword Game

Play the A Promise to Remember CrossWord Game

Count the squares and then use your mouse to select which sections hold important words and phrases used in A Promise to Remember. A great way to learn the themes of the book!



Be an Artist Like Andie

Be an Artist like Andie

In A Promise to Remember, Andie is an artist. Now you can be an artist too! Just click the Sketchbook button to the left, and get in touch with your inner Michelangelo using our online sketchpad.



Write Your Own Story!

Disclaimer from Katie: A Promise to Remember is a serious book dealing with a very serious subject. However, there are some scenes of levity— especially when Andie’s friends try to cheer her up. The scene below is excerpted from one of those “cheer up” sessions. I hope the personalized version you create gives you a moment of good cheer (which is more than Andie’s friends could accomplish!).



Fill in a word in each blank. When all the blanks are filled, click “finished”. The story box on the right will then display your own, customized excerpt of A Promise to Remember – Chapter 7 . Remember: the more creative you are with your words, the funnier the result will be!